Hautkrebspreis 2021

Legende (v.l.n.r.): Preisverleihung an der 103. SGDV Jahresversammlung, 26. August 2021, Palexpo Genf
Tanja Ruppen, Pierre Fabre (Suisse) SA, Prof. Dr. med. 
Thomas Kündig, Klinikdirektor Dermatologische Klinik, Universitätsspital Zürich, Dr. Michael Cangkrama, Institute of Molecular Health Science, ETH Zurich

Der Preisträger ist

Dr. Michael Cangkrama
Institute of Molecular Health Science, ETH Zurich

Projekt-Titel: Targeting activin signaling in epithelial skin cancer
Activin A is emerging as a key player in the development and progression of different malignancies. We showed that activin A reprograms normal skin fibroblasts into cancer-associated fibroblasts and we uncovered the underlying molecular mechanisms. Blockade of activin A signaling suppressed tumor cell malignancy in our pre-clinical models, providing a rationale for pharmacological inhibition of activin A and its downstream targets in stratified cancer patients.