Hautkrebspreis 2019 geht an Dr. François Kuonen, CHUV

Preisverleihung an der SGDV Jahresversammlung, 19. September 2019, Basel; Preisübergabe:
Prof. Dr. med. Reinhard Dummer, Präsident VHKF, und Sergio Laverde, CEO Pierre Fabre Suisse SA / resp. rechts: Prof. Dr. med. Daniel Hohl i.V. Dr. François Kuonen

KUONEN François, Chef de clinique

Der Skin Cancer Award 2019, Verein für Hautkrebsforschung ging an Dr. François Kuonen, Chef de Clinique, Service de Dermatologie et Vénérologie, CHUV, für sein Projekt “Epigenetic landscape and master regulators of basal to squamous cell carcinoma transition”.

Beschreibung des Projekts
Epigenetic landscape and master regulators of non-melanoma skin cancers progression, Dr. François Kuonen
«Using high-throughput sequencing techniques (RNA-, ATAC- and CHIP-sequencing) and computational modelling, we attempt to identify the transcription factors/epigenetic regulators of non-melanoma skin cancer progression. Our main interest is the study of the epigenetic mechanisms implicated in tumor plasticity and resistance to targeted therapy, with an emphasis on translational validation in both preclinical (mouse genetic models) and clinical (human samples) models.»